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Do you ever find yourself agreeing to do something, but then become resentful that you're doing it? Or do you wonder if you can set limits and still be a loving person? Do your family and friends complain about your work/life balance? Do you get suckered by manipulative people? Or just wish you had better self-control?



Boundaries define who we are, who we are not, what we are responsible for, and what we are not. By studying the “Ten Laws of Boundaries” you will come away with a better understanding of yourself, your limits, and the limits of others.

Topics Covered:

  1. The Function of Boundaries
  2. Types of Boundaries
  3. The Ten Laws of Boundaries

We’ll also discuss:

  • Boundaries with family
  • Boundaries in relationships
  • Boundaries with yourself

By design, the Boundaries Workshops are limited in size (and tend to fill quickly.) These are not traditional therapy groups. They are psycho-educational seminars. No one is required to share, but the conversation is always interesting!


Sunday, October 24 from 3-5pm CST


For your convenience, we will meet via video. You will be sent a private, password protected link before the seminar begins.


$200. Nonrefundable – Due upon registration.

How to Register:

Just to make sure this workshop is right for you, and you’re right for the group, please contact Andy at (615) 300-3632 for inquiries about registration.


  • Boundaries Workshop covering the Ten Laws of Boundaries
  • Two hours via videoconference on Sunday, October 24 from 3-5pm CST.
  • $200. Nonrefundable – Due upon registration.




“Andy Garner’s Boundaries Class empowered me to look deeper into myself and my motivation for connection. It has taught me to have a deeper love for myself, through boundaries. I couldn’t recommend it more. A true life changing study.”


“I gained insight into my life through the class offered by Andy on Boundaries. As we explored each layer, the exciting part was learning how to regain control of my life and experience happiness and health through establishing boundaries. These were not complex or hard to achieve ideas, just simple boundaries that make huge impacts on my daily life. Andy’s class was a lifeline and the effects have been seen in my life and the lives of my children.”


“Andy’s Boundaries classes are great for anyone who has had or is having trouble establishing boundaries in personal relationships. Each class offered a safe and nonjudgmental environment to discuss and share personal boundary issues. Andy made the class fun, insightful, and thought provoking. Under Andy’s focused instruction, the class learned specific strategies for defining and resolving these complex issues. Serious work was done in this class and I am grateful for participating. I feel like I continue to reap returns on my initial investment of participating in the class.”