B. Andrew GarnerM.Div, LMFT, Brainspotting Master Professional

“Years ago, I attended a terrific wilderness survival school in the mountains of North Georgia. We learned the tools and skills of surviving, and then put them to the test. I remember our survival instructor stressing something very important: When you realize that you’re lost, take off your pack, sit down, get out your map, re-orient yourself, and make a plan. When we’re in a crisis or feeling lost, it’s often very helpful to consult a professional — to re-orient ourselves, and make a plan for moving forward.” - Andy Garner

About Andy

Andy specializes in helping clients manage difficult relationships, relieve anxiety, and balance their lives. He is an expert at working with clients who are in crisis, and in teaching clients how to relate to difficult and manipulative people, both in the home and the workplace.

Andy’s clients find him to be approachable, direct, and realistic in his counseling methods. He relates particularly well to men and women who are hesitant to attend counseling. Andy works hand-in-hand with many of Nashville’s elite executives, attorneys, medical professionals, musicians, and athletes.

Brainspotting Therapy

Andy is one of only 10,000 mental health professionals worldwide trained in Brainspotting Therapy, and has reached the highest level of training available (Brainspotting Master), making him one of Tennessee’s premier Brainspotting professionals.

Brainspotting is a focused activation model of therapy, designed to heal anxiety related issues quickly and permanently. Much more can be seen at the Brainspotting link in the main menu, and the Articles page.

Other Interests

Andy lives in Franklin, TN with his wife and two children. They are an active family, involved in camping, hiking, and travel. Andy is an avid fly fisherman and is formerly the TN archery state champion, compound bow. Andy’s focus on family and self-development overflows into his work with clients.


  • Brainspotting Therapy
  • Work-Life Balance for Professionals
  • Navigating Manipulators
  • Divorce Adjustment
  • Generalized Anxiety/Stress Relief


  • Licensed Psychotherapist
  • Master of Marriage & Family Therapy
  • Master of Divinity
  • Brainspotting Master Professional
  • P.E.S.I. Certified Brain-Based Therapist
  • AAMFT Clinical Fellow