Sandy Hook School Shooting and Brainspotting Therapy

Sandy Hook School Shooting - Which Therapy Helped the Most? | Humanitarian Healing Research

No one will ever forget the horrific school shooting at Sandy Hook in 2012, in which 20 elementary school children and 6 adults were murdered. As therapists and crisis management teams descended on the community to help, the statistics show which form of therapy helped the most.┬áSee page 6 of the research/survey results. Brainspotting is the superhighway of healing trauma. As a level 3 Brainspotting Professional, I can personally attest to its immediate impact, as I’ve watched countless clients relieve themselves of anxiety symptoms in 2-3 sessions. There are no real neocortical (thinking brain) solutions for subcortical (reactive brain) traumas. Brainspotting heals. Period.